Creating a platform for high volume payment processing

Discover how Icon Solutions enabled a Tier 1 bank to migrate to new technologies which were capable of executing enormous volumes of payments.

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Why aren’t banks extracting value from payments data?

As traditional financial institutions compete with big tech and fintech players, gaining access to and extracting value from payments data has become paramount. In fact, the Economist recently described data as now the most…

Striving for ubiquity and interoperability in the US

The first Faster Payments Barometer, conducted by the US Faster Payments Council in partnership with Glenbrook, received over 700 responses with broad coverage across industry stakeholder groups such as financial institutions, core…

Should banks outsource payments?

At a recent webinar hosted by InstaPay on payments transformation, a question was posed to the speakers (from HSBC, Nordea and Icon Solutions); “Given the challenges involved in payments transformation and the…

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UK Faster Payments Build and Support

Learn how Icon refreshed this Tier 1 Bank’s technology, providing robust documentation and a flexible foundation for ongoing change.

Implementing a ring fence banking solution

Discover how Icon Solutions implemented a Ring Fence Banking Solution for a major UK Bank in under four months, ensuring fast and effective delivery.