From ISO 2022 to EPI: the Industry Initiatives…

Data-driven services have transformed the retail banking experience, and are now firmly on the agenda for corporate treasurers. A recent survey by Icon Solutions found that 79% of banks recognise expectations from corporate clients…

Louise Shorthouse

13 January 2022


Understanding the realities of payment data monetisation

The number of banks identifying payments data monetisation as a key strategic priority has doubled in the past two years. The growth of real-time payments (RTP), ISO 20022 migration and open banking…

Toine van Beusekom

13 July 2021


Maximise the value of instant payments

Instant payments are the ‘new normal’. The last decade saw a ramp-up in adoption as regulation, customer expectation and technology dovetailed to create immediate, 24/7 demand for financial services. This means that…

Lauren Jones

4 June 2020


ISO 20022 – the bedrock for payments transformation

A recent webinar, hosted by Icon Solutions, convened a panel of industry experts to explore the progress of ISO 20022 in the US and across the world, and what this means for…

Lauren Jones

24 March 2020


Why aren’t banks extracting value from payments data?

As traditional financial institutions compete with big tech and fintech players, gaining access to and extracting value from payments data has become paramount. In fact, the Economist recently described data as now the most…

Hussam Kamel

17 December 2019