New industry survey from Icon on demystifying Request…

Request to Pay is an emerging payments service that promises benefits for merchants, banks, acquirers, billers and end consumers. It is becoming an increasingly popular value-added service for payments, with adoption under…

Katy Press

20 September 2021


Maximise the value of instant payments

Instant payments are the ‘new normal’. The last decade saw a ramp-up in adoption as regulation, customer expectation and technology dovetailed to create immediate, 24/7 demand for financial services. This means that…

Lauren Jones

4 June 2020


Pan European instant payments: dream or reality?

It has been two years since the European Payments Council published the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) scheme and EBA Clearing launched RT1 – their infrastructure solution for the processing SCT…

Lauren Jones

19 December 2019


Women in Payments debate the impact of the…

Last week I attended a Women in Payments event entitled, ‘New Payments Architecture – What can we expect and how will we get there?’ The event was hosted by AmazonPay in London…

Katy Press

29 January 2019


Displacing card payments – beyond just technology

  At Icon we firmly believe that the combination of APIs and Instant Payments will provide a powerful alternative to card payments, particularly in e-and m-commerce. And it’s not just our belief…

Tom Hay

29 October 2018


Monetising the UK’s new Request to Pay (RtP)…

Having just attended the Pay.UK (formerly known as New Payment System Operator (NPSO)) progress update event, there seems to be a good amount of excitement, anticipation and intrigue around the launch of the New…

Aniruddha Maheshwari

23 October 2018