Expectation versus reality for payments data monetisation

Despite the vast amount of payments data that banks sit on, the ability to use it to add value to corporate clients and generate revenue has proved elusive. There is now a…

3 June 2021


Competing in Payments

For decades, incumbent banks have held a leadership position in the payments business  and enjoyed high fees, healthy margins and limited competition. But as the payments ecosystem expands, these incumbents find themselves…

26 February 2021


EBAday panel session: New agility with new technology

How can the cloud and Payments as a Service (PaaS) act as an enabler for Open Banking? How do technologies such as AI and deep learning help PSPs become more agile by…

30 November 2020


Busting the Myths of Payments Transformation

‘Payments transformation’ has emerged as perhaps the single biggest opportunity, and challenge, for banks. Given the proven link between successful payments transformation and payments profitability, the need to transform has fast become…

13 August 2020


Transforming legacy architectures with Icon Solutions and MongoDB

In this session, Simon Wilson, Co-Head of Payments at Icon Solutions and Simon Callan, Chief Architect for IPF at Icon Solutions, together with Boris Bialek, MongoDB‘s Head of Innovation EMEA, will discuss…

24 June 2020


Real-time Payments in Developing Markets

In this session Gene Neyer, Executive Advisor to Icon Solutions, Elizabeth McQuerry, Partner at Glenbrook Partners and Miller Abel, Deputy Director, Principal Technologist at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will discuss the…

27 April 2020


The Future of Banking in an Open, Digital and Real-Time World

This year unfortunately there is no NACHA Smarter, Faster, Payments Conference for us to exhibit at however we have decided to do our panel session virtually to bring NACHA to you! Register…

15 April 2020


Leveraging ISO 20022 in the US - What, why and how?

The ISO 20022 financial messaging standard is now seeing widespread adoption for domestic and international payments solutions worldwide. It is now used in the US for The Clearing House RTP system, and Fedwire…

20 January 2020


Webinar: The Payments Transformation Race – who’s winning?

There is no doubt that banks who have a clear and robust payments transformation plan will be more profitable than their competitors, widening the gap between the winners and losers in the…

28 November 2019