Leveraging ISO 20022 in the US - What, why and how?

The ISO 20022 financial messaging standard is now seeing widespread adoption for domestic and international payments solutions worldwide. It is now used in the US for The Clearing House RTP system, and Fedwire…

20 January 2020


Webinar: The Payments Transformation Race – who’s winning?

There is no doubt that banks who have a clear and robust payments transformation plan will be more profitable than their competitors, widening the gap between the winners and losers in the…

28 November 2019


What do real-time payments really mean for corporates?

Faster Payments have changed the world for the better and many corporates are already reaping the benefits. Corporates being able to pay their employees daily enables better budget management for those living…

8 May 2019


Leveraging instant payments to deliver payments transformation

Much has been discussed on the challenges involved with the adoption of instant payments – but there has been little discussion on how instant payments can enable banks to revolutionise their payments…

9 April 2019


The journey towards faster payments in the US

The Federal Reserve have recently requested public comment on a number of proposals. What does the Fed request for comment mean to the Financial Community and ultimately, to the end-user? This is an…

12 November 2018


Real-time payments: Driving value for banks and their…

Worldwide real-time payments are already offering businesses and consumers speed, convenience and 24/7 availability. But what is the current state of real-time payments in the US? What are corporates expecting and how…

25 June 2018


Transitioning to Instant Payments in Germany

Webinar now available: How can Banks in Germany prepare for Instant Payments whilst controlling costs and managing risks? And what can we learn from those who have already travelled the path to…

22 March 2018


How ready is Europe for SCT Inst?

SEPA instant payments (SCT Inst) is the first instant payments scheme to be inter-operable in a region as large as SEPA and is a response to regulatory pressure and European customer needs…

3 May 2017


PSD2 Final RTS

The European Banking Authority (EBA) recently published the long-awaited (and much debated) Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) covering Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and secure communication. These Standards are the result of the difficult…

18 April 2017