Real-time Payments in Developing Markets


In this session Gene Neyer, Executive Advisor to Icon Solutions, Elizabeth McQuerry, Partner at Glenbrook Partners and Miller Abel, Deputy Director, Principal Technologist at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will discuss the development and adoption of real-time payments in developing markets.

For several years you have heard about the experiences of real-time payments in developed countries. However, at the same time, developing countries have also been adopting real-time systems and they offer a number of lessons and considerations for the U.S. and Canada. In this session you will learn about real-time payments in the developing world – the drivers, the technology approaches, and lessons learned from what has worked well and what hasn’t. This session provides key takeaways for the rapidly evolving market in the U.S. and Canada. while engaging in a deep-dive discussion about real-time payments in other areas of the developed world.

Questions answered in this session:

  1. How are faster payments mechanisms developed under a strong central bank?
  2. How are faster payments initiatives used to drive specific policy requirements?


  • Gene Neyer, Executive Advisor at Icon Solutions
  • Elizabeth McQuerry, Partner at Glenbrook Partners
  • Miller Abel, Deputy Director, Principle Technologist at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

This discussion was originally scheduled to take place at the 2020 Payments Canada Summit, we are now bringing it to you virtually, register below to listen.