Do agile projects need Solution Architects?

Increasingly software development in large organisations is moving to agile methods, primarily scrum.  Agile empowers developers to design and build the system – where does solution architecture fit in? Agile and scrum…

Adam Richardson

19 August 2019


5 takeaways from EBAday 2019

This year’s EBAday, hosted in Stockholm, focused on three themes: innovation, infrastructure and reinvention. It explored positive disruption, the opportunity of payments and examined the impact of real-time, roadmaps and regulations. Here…

Saara Day

28 June 2019


What does real-time payments really mean for corporates?

Faster Payments have changed the world for the better and many corporates are already reaping the benefits. During our recent webinar we heard from industry experts in the US, Steve Ledford –…

Katy Press

20 June 2019


The journey to RTP in Canada

While Canada has been a leader in mobile and app-based banking technology, the same cannot be said for the speed of their implementation of Real Time Payments (RTP).  However, the last Payments…

Jason Hayes

7 June 2019


How can banks help ensure financial inclusion?

Financial inclusion is a hot topic within industry press at the moment. In the UK, an influential group of MPs are proposing that banks should have a ‘legal duty for care for…

Farah Yamin

6 June 2019


Can legacy solutions meet tomorrow’s payments demands?

A colleague summed it up perfectly when he described a ‘tsunami of payments’ heading the way of banks on account of changes in the payments landscape. The changes have been fuelled primarily…

Saara Day

21 March 2019


The battle for RTP dominance in the United…

Since Fed catalysed the private sector to deliver real-time payment capabilities, there has been advocacy for the central bank backed, real-time payments (RTP) scheme. Many feel the lack of a ubiquitous RTP…

Gene Neyer

13 March 2019


Celebrating Women at Icon Solutions on International Women’s…

Since time began men have been at the forefront of technological innovations and in the finance world, building and establishing themselves as leaders – this culture has made it difficult for the…

Katy Press

8 March 2019


The opportunity for instant international payments

It’s been said a number of times – instant payments are the new norm, but what about international payments?  Could there be the possibility for these to become instant too? In my…

Colin Weeks

14 February 2019

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