Core banking transformation: key drivers for change

Traditional banking has evolved over centuries into what we have today: digitalized products and services that keep the worldwide economic cogs turning. In pursuit of automation and digitalization banks have accrued sizeable…

Gene Philip

28 September 2023


Is low code the answer to higher payment…

As banks continue to grapple with the account-based payments processing model amid seemingly interminable margin pressures, the wider commercial implications of software developer capacity limitations are coming into much sharper focus. In…

Toine van Beusekom

27 September 2023


Vertical thinking: Why banks need to decouple their…

The traditional payments processing model for account-based payments is under unprecedented strain amid diminishing profit margins, increasing competition from fintechs, and rising costs. These challenges are only set to compound in a…

Esther Groen

7 September 2023


The time is now for banks to reimagine…

The rapid convergence of emerging technologies and evolving business models is presenting banks with systemic and operational challenges that are proving profoundly difficult to navigate. Many banks are simply slow in responding…

Toine van Beusekom

29 August 2023


‘PSD3’ – or should that be ‘PSR1’? Exploring…

On 28th June 2023, the European Commission (EC) set out its proposals for ‘modernising payment services and opening financial services data’. The proposals for payments – referred to as ‘PSD3’ –essentially reflect…

Andrew Ducker

9 August 2023


Three focus areas for European banks

With 2023 emerging as the year of choice for banks when it comes to adopting new strategies and technologies to take control of their payments processing capabilities, many now find themselves at…

Liam Jeffs

7 July 2023


EBAday 2023: Asking banks … do you feel in control?

Just over a year ago, my colleagues and I offered a few predictions about developments and trends in global payments and banking, intended to help financial institutions shape their strategy for the…

Arjeh van Oijen

12 June 2023


Key considerations for a successful cloud strategy for financial services

Compared to other sectors, the financial industry has been slow to move to the cloud – and with good reason. Regulatory compliance and data privacy issues alone make banks hesitant to give…

Dean Ogden

22 May 2023


Catalysing Growth of Digital Payments in Cash-First Countries

The UK is due to upgrade its instant payments platform by mid-2025. The New Payments Architecture (NPA) aims to deliver multiple benefits, including ease of access and enhanced data carrying capabilities. In…

Arjeh van Oijen

14 April 2023

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