Payment providers need to cut costs, deal with increasing regulatory and competitive change, manage heightened fraud risk and differentiate to drive revenue growth through value-added services. Our payments services enable banks to meet the changing demands of an open, digitalised and real-time payments business, through innovative technology solutions and subject matter expertise.

Accelerating payments transformation to drive business value

Icon Solutions empowers financial services clients to accelerate their payments transformation by laying the foundations to innovate, drive new revenue streams and tackle the market disruptors, enabling our clients to find the opportunities in amongst the challenges. Our approach to transformation leverages Icon's accelerator assets.

The NPA initiative will deliver a state-of-the-art real-time payments infrastructure, providing enhanced resilience and security, adopting the ISO 20022 standard for richer payments data, and enabling a wide range of new payments products for end-users.

There has been a recent explosion of interest as new revenue opportunities are emerging. With many banks embarking on payments data monetisation strategies, few can afford to be left behind.

The scheme is not a new concept, however with rising globalisation and the increasing need for interoperability of payment flows, the standards have gained momentum – pushed further by the wide global adoption of instant payments.

Request to Pay is one of the most talked about initiatives in the payment industry at present. Allowing new flexible ways for money to move between people, organisations and businesses, it can be viewed as an enabling mechanism for a range of different payment scenarios or use-cases.


Demystifying Request to Pay: An Industry Perspective

Request to Pay is one of the most talked about initiatives in the payment industry at present. To better understand current and future perspectives on Request to Pay, in October 2021, Icon surveyed a group of over 50 industry stakeholders including leading retail and global corporate banks. In-depth interviews were also conducted with senior executives at several tier 1 banks. This research supported the creation of an eBook, which you can download here.


Enhancing the technology strategy for corporate payments

Find how Icon helped to sharpen and future-proof this bank's technology strategy for payables and receivables products.


Creating a platform for high volume payment processing

Learn how Icon enabled a Tier 1 bank to migrate to new technologies which were capable of executing enormous volumes of payments.


Unlocking the business value from payments data

Discover how Icon helped this global Tier 1 bank to realise the value available from their payments data, and use it as an asset to generate value for their customers and the bank. 


Delivering global IT and core architecture transformation