Expertly advising on transformation and core architecture 

Creating a long term IT strategy that encompasses renewal and development can be a challenge. Particularly, when it is restricted and burdened by older infrastructure. At Icon, we help financial services organisations turn ageing legacy platforms into dynamic services fit for the modern business landscape. We offer strategies that support continuous transformation over piecemeal firefighting or disruptive revolutions.

Our Services Solutions Practice can expertly advise on transformation and core architecture using our deep experience of some of the most widely used integration technologies and frameworks, along with insights into modern IT operating models. 

Payments & Cards

Our payments services enable banks to meet the changing demands of an open, digitalised and real-time payments business, through innovative technology solutions and subject matter expertise.

Anti-Financial Crime

To stay one step ahead of both the criminals and the regulators, banks must be able to rapidly detect and defend against continually evolving threats and therefore must be able to deploy cutting-edge technologies which iteratively develop their anti-financial crime capability.

Core Banking

To retain or grow market share, banks must be able to rapidly adapt and innovate – so they must accelerate the transformation and modernisation of critical systems and infrastructure. However, some banks are prevented from innovating due to the inflexibility of their core systems.

Digital Banking

To be able to perform in an agile and service-centric landscape, banks must accelerate the end-to-end modernisation of critical systems and infrastructure, to streamline customer journeys built from both internal and third-party services.

Data Transformation

To be able to generate compelling and innovative customer propositions, banks must be able to use customer data from across the entire organization – and therefore must break down legacy, product-centric, data siloes.

Technology Transformation

Commercial pressures are growing – banks must do more with less, so savings must be maximised – but growing operational and business risks must also be addressed, including the inability to meet business requirements due to the inertia of legacy IT.


Delivering global IT and core architecture transformation

API Banking

Open Banking and PSD2 are driving a new wave of innovation. APIs are an effective mechanism for allowing trusted third parties access to customer data. Icon can outline the benefits of API banking for your organisation and provide guidance on how to best design and implement an API architecture.

Business Banking

Icon Solutions enables banks to navigate the impact of the new market disruptors, neo banks and FinTechs. Bringing together two key drivers - the client’s business objectives and their IT strategic vision, while also delivering customer value through innovation.

Digital Transformation

Icon has a rich pedigree transforming ageing legacy platforms into dynamic services fit for modern business landscapes. Our architectural and delivery capability provides continuous integration and delivery automation enablement.

Enterprise Integration

Without robust foundations, organisations limit their ability to innovate. Icon has extensive experience advising and developing API-led integrations, allowing you to innovate by optimising investment in best of breed platforms and open source solutions.

IT Strategy and Roadmap

Having an IT strategy and roadmap in place can steer decisions about technology to align towards the overall business strategy, encourage collaboration and re-use and lay the foundations needed to be able to respond quickly to future needs. 


Regulation is unavoidable. Smart enterprises don't just comply, but use mandatory investment to springboard innovation and services. Icon harness the dynamism of continuous transformation, helping you move beyond compliance to seize growth opportunities.


Migrating to an agile integration platform

Find how Icon helped to develop a target architecture to encompass the strategic elements of cloud-based platforms and containerization.


Creating a platform for high volume payment processing

Learn how Icon enabled a Tier 1 bank to migrate to new technologies which were capable of executing enormous volumes of payments.

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Design and integration of a core banking platform

Discover how Icon integrated a new core banking platform into the UK’s largest retail and commercial bank’s existing systems landscape.

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