FedPayments forum guiding the US toward a faster,…

Last week I attended the Federal Reserve’s inaugural FedPayments Improvement Community Forum in Chicago which had six Fed COOs participating and the Fed Governor, Lael Brainard, giving the opening keynote.  The purpose…

Gene Neyer

8 October 2018


Open Banking – Learning from past successes

  Open Banking is transforming the financial services market. There is no doubt about that. Financial services providers are quickly building the same types of ecosystems that we’ve become familiar with from…

Carl Bones

11 September 2018


Drawing the Line on Payment Messages

I recently attended a meeting of the European Payments Council (EPC) Scheme Technical Forum, a group of payments professionals who carry out technical assessments of changes proposed to the SEPA schemes –…

Tom Hay

5 September 2018


Benefits for beneficiaries: a defense of CoP

In response to recent criticisms of CoP, Tom Hay argues that despite problems with implementation, the mechanism that underlies irrevocable Faster Payments is a real benefit to businesses. In a recent opinion piece,…

Tom Hay

29 August 2018


Creating customer value from new technologies

  I recently had the pleasure of speaking at an event in Paris organised in partnership with DXC, one of Icon’s partner organisations. The audience included representatives of banks and corporates, and…

Tom Hay

19 July 2018


EBAday 2018 and avoiding the instant payments ‘cliché’

There was one overwhelming take away for me from EBAday in Munich. It was that the phrase “instant payments is the new normal” has become meaningless. The statement fails to capture the…

Richard Dear

22 June 2018


Identity Management in a Digital World

‘Customers are willing to sacrifice security for engagement’, one speaker said to a full ballroom of payments professionals at the Global LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) Foundation (GLEIF) workshop in San Francisco. Customers…

Lauren Jones

7 June 2018


The world isn’t moving toward Instant Payments –…

I was recently preparing a presentation for an Instant Payments client of ours, and one of the boilerplate slides that I’ve been using for years shows “Instant Payments Around the Globe”. It…

Tom Hay

5 June 2018


Reactive Systems: Let’s write a TFTP server with:…

  Welcome back! The past two posts in our series on building reactive systems have dealt with the topics of performance and fault-tolerance. In this post I’m going to talk about resilience,…

Patrick Altaie

29 May 2018