Celebrating the women at Icon Solutions

Financial and technological industries have always been male dominated, with men at the forefront of key projects and making up most of the workforce. Although things have improved over the years with…

Melisa Madambi

8 March 2021


The clash of the frameworks

Setting the scene In the third part of our series exploring the motivations, architecture and principles driving the development of IPF, Pat Altaie, Senior Consultant, discusses the benefits of using interoperable programming…

Patrick Altaie

14 January 2021


2021 Predictions: Realising the Value of Payments Transformation

It has been said that prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future. The unprecedented events of 2020 demonstrated quite how difficult it can be. The monumental uplifts in digital…

Simon Wilson

6 January 2021


CQRS and Event Sourcing: good options for instant payments?

In the second part of our series exploring the motivations, architecture and principles driving the development of IPF, Sirin Sevinc, Senior Solution Architect, explains the roles CQRS and Event Sourcing play in…

Sirin Sevinc

17 December 2020


Banking on the Future: Payments Transformation

Standardisation, regulation and technological innovation means payments are well on the way to becoming instant, invisible and free. This is good news for everybody. Well, not quite everybody. Banks are now faced…

Simon Wilson

24 November 2020


5 common software product challenges

Over the past 20+ years, I have been deeply involved in designing, building and delivering systems in a few different sectors across a multitude of technologies and methodologies, varying team sizes and…

Simon Callan

16 November 2020


An Open Letter from our Founders

Icon Solutions was founded on the principles of fighting complexity, celebrating honesty and putting our customers first. 10 years on, these principles have helped establish our reputation as a provider of world…

Ben, Darren and Tom, Our Founders

28 October 2020


Wading through the noise around payments transformation

As part of Icon Solutions’ thought leadership in the world of payments, our latest webinar, ‘Busting the Myths of Payments Transformation’, delved into the noise and misnomers in the payments transformation space and…

Lauren Jones

6 October 2020


COVID-19 has accelerated innovation in payments

COVID-19 has been a major stress test for digital transformation. Merchants have had to ramp up their e-commerce, delivery and card-not-present capabilities. As COVID-19 continues to take its toll, players in the…

Lauren Jones

29 September 2020