ISO 20022 – the bedrock for payments transformation

A recent webinar, hosted by Icon Solutions, convened a panel of industry experts to explore the progress of ISO 20022 in the US and across the world, and what this means for…

Lauren Jones

24 March 2020


Cloud: Does it deserve a bad rap from the Treasury?

In October, the UK Treasury Committee published a report on IT Failures in the Financial Services Sector and in November, it launched an inquiry that will focus on “the common causes of operational incidents…

Aniruddha Maheshwari

28 January 2020


Pan European instant payments: dream or reality?

It has been two years since the European Payments Council published the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) scheme and EBA Clearing launched RT1 – their infrastructure solution for the processing SCT…

Lauren Jones

19 December 2019


Why aren’t banks extracting value from payments data?

As traditional financial institutions compete with big tech and fintech players, gaining access to and extracting value from payments data has become paramount. In fact, the Economist recently described data as now the most…

Hussam Kamel

17 December 2019


Detecting Fraud in An Imbalanced Payments World

There’s been a lot in the press recently about the benefits Machine Learning offers when it comes to fraud detection. However, there are limitations. In reality, most of the payments transactions made…

Tamsin Crossland

16 December 2019


Striving for ubiquity and interoperability in the US

The first Faster Payments Barometer, conducted by the US Faster Payments Council in partnership with Glenbrook, received over 700 responses with broad coverage across industry stakeholder groups such as financial institutions, core…

Gene Neyer

11 December 2019


Should banks outsource payments?

At a recent webinar hosted by InstaPay on payments transformation, a question was posed to the speakers (from HSBC, Nordea and Icon Solutions); “Given the challenges involved in payments transformation and the…

Saara Day

10 December 2019


5 Key Takeaways from AFP Conference 2019

AFP Annual Conference drew a huge number of attendees this year and packed a lot into three days. People came from far and wide to attend and discuss all things payments, risk…

Jason Hayes

29 October 2019


What does it take to win the payments transformation race?

The new report “The Payments Transformation Race: Criteria for Success” from Aite and Icon Solutions identified that banks that have a clear and robust payments transformation plan are more profitable than their…

Saara Day

7 October 2019