The Icon Payments Framework (IPF) - the 'grow your own' payments solution

IPF is a low code framework that enables banks to develop their own payment processing solution by leveraging the IPF software development kit and any desired optional modules or ready-made scheme packs. This can be done by the banks themselves or with help from Icon or an SI.

It’s a fundamentally different approach to traditional vendors with Icon delivering code into the bank’s CI/CD pipeline. This limits vendor technology lock-in but still enables banks to leverage Icon's payments strategy and architecture pedigree.

See how IPF can enable your payment solutions to prosper sustainably and self-sufficiently:

IPF, the payments framework that puts banks in control

Cloud native

Increased agility and speed to market

Proven low TCO

Low code

What makes IPF different?

Traditional vendor package

Functionally rich but monolithic, costly, closed, inflexible and complex to configure

Best of both worlds

An innovative technology platform to accelerate payments transformation, built with cloud native, open technology for a digital, real-time world

In-house development

Puts you in control and maximises flexibility, but at what cost and risk for your organisation?

Key differentiating features

  • Low code payments domain specific language for flow definition
  • Rich ISO 20022-based payments data model with accompanying ODS
  • Lightweight connector framework for accelerating integrations
  • Out of the box business functions and scheme 


Case Study

Read how Icon successfully transformed global tier 1 bank, BNP Paribas', payments landscape with payments platform, IPF. Winner of the IBS Intelligence Fintech Innovation Awards 2021 for our payments solution, IPF and our implementation with BNP Paribas.


A deep dive into the people and technology that underpin IPF


From consolidation to collaboration

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