Digital Banking

Can you use the full power of API enablement to meet the demand for digital services?

Traditional banks and financial institutions are competing in an increasingly crowded market with disruptive, agile neo-banks and FinTechs.

To be able to perform in an agile and service-centric landscape – as well as meet the underlying regulatory requirements – banks must accelerate the end-to-end modernisation of critical systems and infrastructure, to streamline customer journeys built from both internal and third-party services.

This brings many advantages (such as greater IT flexibility, and faster realisation of new customer / partner offerings) but the risks associated with an API-centric technology strategy are also significant, and manifest themselves widely across IT platforms, systems, and applications.

Icon Solutions has proven experience designing and implementing digital transformation initiatives in the banking industry. We bring together stakeholders from the business and IT in a collaborative approach, which enables technology platform transformation, thereby accelerating delivery of secure customer-centric digital propositions.

How can Icon work with you?

Creating a long-term IT strategy that delivers the needs of the business, but is also practical and achievable, is a serious challenge - particularly when it is restricted and burdened by intransigent infrastructure.

At Icon Solutions, we help our customers evolve their legacy platforms to support dynamic services fit for the modern banking landscape, by developing strategies to support pragmatic, continual transformation, instead of unending fire-fighting or disruptive “big bang” approaches.

We can expertly advise on architecture and technology transformation using our deep knowledge of banking systems, along with extensive practical experience of modern technical architectures and IT operating models. We understand technology and its utilisation to a great degree, but we are agnostic (and therefore completely transparent) regarding software vendors and technology providers: we can evaluate technology candidacy on a case-by-case basis to provide genuinely unbiased opinions.

We typically work with clients in one of two ways, the former often evolving into the latter:

Technology Strategy & Roadmap

Develop a strategic vision - addressing both internal and external drivers - together with a set of prioritised recommendations and an outline roadmap, showing how best to achieve the vision whilst delivering value along the way.

Architecture Delivery

Steer and augment transformation execution, leading or supporting architecture and design activities, ensuring solutions meet functional and non-functional requirements as well as aligning with the strategic vision.

Would you like to find out how Icon can assist you on your digital enablement journey?


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