Busting the Myths of Payments Transformation


‘Payments transformation’ has emerged as perhaps the single biggest opportunity, and challenge, for banks. Given the proven link between successful payments transformation and payments profitability, the need to transform has fast become essential.

However, with various organisations reporting a lack of information across strategy and best-practice,  misconceptions about payments transformation can stall progress and hamper innovation. Busting these myths allows financial institutions to avoid common pitfalls and seize the opportunities.

Join us to hear speakers from NatWest, Danske Bank, AWS and Icon Solutions discuss:

Myth 1: ‘Payments can’t be profitable’

Challenging? Yes. Insurmountable? No. Danske Bank, will share experience of introducing a visionary payments strategy to enable innovation and reduce costs

Myth 2: ‘Regulatory compliance is the end goal for payments transformation’

Discover how, for NatWest, meeting regulations is only a springboard for a comprehensive payments transformation strategy

Myth 3: ‘The cloud is too risky for payments’ 

Hear from AWS on how a truly cloud-native, cloud-agnostic approach can deliver resilience, security and agility for bank

Myth 4: ‘The only choice for banks is in-house or outsourced’

Icon Solutions will share recommendations on how banks can leverage a hybrid approach to payments transformation


  • Ian Povey, Head of Payments Services & Technology at NatWest
  • Hendrik Van Der Watt, Chief Enterprise Architect at Danske Bank
  • Matt Pitchford, Principle Solution Architect at AWS
  • Simon Wilson, Co-Head Payments at Icon Solutions
  • Moderator: Lauren Jones, International Payments Ambassador, Icon Solutions

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