Icon’s Head of Payments to speak at Fintech Innovation, Hungary

12 October 2016

logotransparent-w700Tom Hay, Icon’s Head of Payments has been invited to speak at this year’s Fintech Innovation on the 27th October in Budapest, Hungary.

The Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB) expects to establish an instant payment system within Hungary which will operate from the second half of 2019. The new system will strengthen the competitiveness of electronic payment compared to cash as it will clear payment transactions within a few seconds, every day of the year, twenty-four hours a day.

In response to this development, our Head of Payments, Tom Hay, has been invited to speak at the event on the challenges, solutions and opportunities of moving to instant payments. Tom is a leading contributor to the world of instant payments, and offers a wealth of experience having been involved in many global solutions.