Case Studies

Bringing technical strategy to life in AML Transaction…

Icon Solutions was engaged by this bank to provide expert review and validation of the bank’s target architecture and technical roadmap for Transaction Monitoring. This initiative was sponsored by the CIO for…

Katy Press

23 November 2021


The key to instant payments adoption in European

At a recent payments forum hosted by the Bank of Finland, ECB board member Fabio Panetta signalled commercial banks must make instant payments ‘cheap and easy to use’. While on the operational…

Michel Vaja

7 July 2021


Recognising the hidden female pioneers in technology

How many people have heard of Kathleen Booth or Margaret Hamilton? Chances are not many. But why not? These two women achieved two significant firsts. Kathleen invented the first assembly language and Margaret,…

Tamsin Crossland

23 June 2021


Accelerating software engineering through Domain Specific Languages

In the fourth part of our series exploring the motivations, architecture and principles driving the development of IPF, Tom Beadman, Principal Engineer at Icon Solutions, discusses the benefits of using Domain-Specific Languages…

Tom Beadman

5 May 2021


Is monetising data the key to competing?

As competition in payments has increased, data has long been touted as the cure-all for incumbent banks. If banks could charge a transaction fee for every time they are told that ‘data…

Simon Wilson

28 April 2021


5 ways banks can compete in payments

Remaining competitive in payments is the key to future relevance and profitability for incumbent banks. But with incumbents now competing on multiple fronts against various players, how can they stay ahead of…

Simon Wilson

21 April 2021