Three focus areas for European banks

With 2023 emerging as the year of choice for banks when it comes to adopting new strategies and technologies to take control of their payments processing capabilities, many now find themselves at…

Liam Jeffs

7 July 2023


EBAday 2023: Asking banks … do you feel in control?

Just over a year ago, my colleagues and I offered a few predictions about developments and trends in global payments and banking, intended to help financial institutions shape their strategy for the…

Arjeh van Oijen

12 June 2023


Key considerations for a successful cloud strategy for financial services

Compared to other sectors, the financial industry has been slow to move to the cloud – and with good reason. Regulatory compliance and data privacy issues alone make banks hesitant to give…

Dean Ogden

22 May 2023


Catalysing Growth of Digital Payments in Cash-First Countries

The UK is due to upgrade its instant payments platform by mid-2025. The New Payments Architecture (NPA) aims to deliver multiple benefits, including ease of access and enhanced data carrying capabilities. In…

Arjeh van Oijen

14 April 2023


The benefits of using DLT for digital currencies

Central banks across the globe are exploring and testing Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to provision Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). In this blog, Arjeh van Oijen, Head of Product Management, and Atul…

Icon Solutions

8 March 2022


Icon Solutions featured in Financial IT winter magazine

24th November 2020 – Icon Solutions, the leading provider of technology solutions and real-time payments expertise, has been featured in Financial IT’s winter magazine ‘Innovations in FinTech‘ (page 28). Financial IT interviewed…

Kate Nelson

24 November 2020


Strange new world: What next for banks in these uncertain times?

What’s next for banks in this strange new world we find ourselves in? Forget the forecasts and predictions, we are in uncharted territory and the honest answer is that no one truly…

Simon Wilson

21 July 2020

Case Studies

Design and integration to support a digitisation programme

Learn how Icon supported one of the UK’s oldest privately-owned banks to introduce online and mobile banking applications, built on a new cloud-based digital platform.

Kate Nelson

28 November 2019


Payments, the internet of things, and the end…

The internet of things (IoT) is at the peak of the hype cycle, so it’s not surprising to find payment companies trying to jump aboard the gravy train. The problem is, consumers…

Cindy Heidebluth

6 March 2017


7 Minutes of Fame at Finovate

  At Finovate Europe, 2017, 71 Fintech companies got to present their latest and greatest products via a 7 minute live demo, in front of 1,500 people.  What makes this years’ Finovate…

Daniela Sarti

27 February 2017