Icon to speak at InstaPay webinar designed for the German market

28 June 2018

Webinar: The road to Instant Payments in Germany: Connectivity, Culture and Global Considerations

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

2pm – 3pm CST

Gene Neyer, Icon Solutions’ Chief Executive Officer, will be joining esteemed colleagues from Deutsche Bank, the ECB and EBA Clearing to speak at an exclusive InstaPay webinar.


InstaPay’s recent webinar (Transitioning to Instant Payments in Germany) received a number of questions from the audience with regards to the experiences of early instant payments adopters and the SCT Inst connectivity routes.

As a result, InstaPay will be hosting the webinar “The road to instant payments in Germany: Connectivity, Culture and Global Considerations” to specifically address these questions. This webinar will feature speakers from: Deutsche Bank, a bank at the forefront of instant payments adoption, the ECB and EBA Clearing on the attributes, reach and interoperability of TIPS and RT1, and from Icon Solutions, an instant payments implementer who will address the impact (if any) connectivity system choice will have on your technology approach for instant payments.


  • Christof Hofmann, Head of Global Payments & Collections, Deutsche Bank
  • Mehdi Manaa, Deputy Director General of Market Infrastructure and Payments, and Holger Thiemann, Adviser, TIPS
  • David Renault, Head of STEP2, EBA Clearing
  • Gene Neyer, Chief Strategy Officer, Icon Solutions

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The specificities of the German retail banking/payments market and what role this plays in building a business case for instant payments
  • Deutsche Bank’s drivers for adopting instant payments, the challenges they have faced and how they are planning to leverage instant payments capabilities
  • The progress TIPS is making in line with a November launch and an update on RT1
  • The role culture plays in determining use cases and technology choices
  • Technical considerations towards implementation and connectivity

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