New Payments Architecture – what banks should be doing to prepare

A sea-change is coming to UK payments. In 2016-17, the UK’s industry-wide Payments Strategy Forum created the New Payments Architecture (NPA) initiative. The initiative seeks to create a state-of-the-art, real-time payments infrastructure…

Andrew Ducker

16 February 2023


Celebrating International Day for Women and Girls in Science

As we celebrate the eighth International Day for Women and Girls in Science on Saturday 11th February 2023, we know that, as technology specialists, our industry needs to do so much more….

Tamsin Crossland

10 February 2023


Payments outsourcing: minimising risk and maximising value-added services

Research indicates that payments transformation isn’t optional—it’s imperative for survival. Yet modernising payments infrastructure can be a costly undertaking. Toine van Beusekom, Strategy Director at Icon Solutions, discusses how Tier 2 and…

Toine van Beusekom

30 January 2023


5 predictions to help shape banks’ resolutions for 2023

By all accounts, 2022 was difficult for just about everyone. Continuing economic fallout from the pandemic, geopolitical upheaval, soaring inflation, rising energy costs and a host of other pressures all underscored the…

Icon Solutions

11 January 2023


Hungary marches towards Instant Payments

The end of 2016 witnessed an excellent step by the Hungarian Central Bank (MNB) – the release of the ‘Operational model of the instant payment service in Hungary’. It is remarkable for…

Cindy Heidebluth

17 January 2017


PSD2, RTS and SDC: confusion reigns

Over the last couple of weeks the media agenda has been dominated by Payment Services Directive Two (PSD2), and unfortunately not for the right reasons. PSD2 has always been a controversial regulation,…

Cindy Heidebluth

6 January 2017


Icon hosts instant payments roundtable in Amsterdam

Icon Solutions was delighted to host its first Payments Breakfast roundtable in Amsterdam, in association with EBA and Finextra on Tuesday 22nd November 2016. The topic of this exclusive roundtable was ‘Instant payments –…

Cindy Heidebluth

24 November 2016


PSD2 – Lessons From India

While reading through the second payments service directive and trying to decipher the recently published RTS draft, I have been trying hard (without much success) not to draw parallels between the soon…

Cindy Heidebluth

24 October 2016