The era of collaborative payments platform

30 April 2019

Discover the era of collaborative payments platform at NACHA Payments 2019!

For the last 10 years banks have focused on consolidating payment infrastructures, but have ended up with multiple ‘hubs’, inefficient processes, high costs and inflexibility. A new world is dawning, one where…

  • There is little customer appetite to pay for the simple movement of money
  • Execution of payments will become a zero margin game
  • Data is king, openness is key and a tsunami of payment volumes is coming

Fortunately, technology has advanced to provide elastic scalability, always on resiliency, API first integration and real-time processing.

Join Icon Solutions in the Innovation Hub at this year’s NACHA Payments Conference at 3:05pm on Monday 6th May to learn more about how you can apply internet scale, open source, cloud native technology to introduce a collaborative payments platform that drives costs down by multiple factors and provides the launch pad to succeed in the new world of payments.

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