Icon Solutions to exhibit at NACHA Faster Payments 2017

28 March 2017


Icon Solutions is delighted to be an exhibitor at NACHA’s prestigious Faster Payments 2017 event in Austin, Texas.

Taking place in April, Faster Payments 2017 brings together those who are driving and adopting innovative payments solutions and enables them to share best practices, create common goals and propel industry dialogue to set the payments agenda for the future.

Tom Kelleher, Icon’s Commercial Director, shared “Icon has been instrumental in helping financial institutions efficiently deploy real time payments across the globe. We have a world class advisory team with an unparalleled payments knowledge of scheme rules and requirements, including UK Faster Payments, Singapore FAST, and Europe’s SCT Inst. Faster Payments 2017 gives us the ability to share the insights we’ve gained from being on the front end of faster payments deployment and understand how we can support our US customers on their journey.”

Icon recently launched Instant Payments Framework (IPF), a technology solution, which will offer US banks a faster and more cost-effective path to accessing TCH’s real-time payment scheme gateway.

Tom Hay, Icon’s Head of Payments, said “IPF enables rapid adoption of real-time payments without the need for re-engineering existing payment schemes – empowering banks in the US to extend legacy systems rather than ‘rip and replace’. Because it uses technology frameworks employed by fast-moving organisations, IPF allows businesses to adapt quickly to changes in the payments landscape and be prepared for the demands of tomorrow. We’re looking forward to showcasing IPF at Faster Payments 2017 and helping our US clients accelerate their transition to real-time payments.”

To arrange to meet the Icon team at NACHA Faster Payments 2017 or to view a personal demonstration of IPF, please email richard.dear@iconsolutions.com.