Webinar: Is Europe Ready for SCT Inst?

20 April 2017


Icon Solutions is delighted to be participating in the InstaPay webinar: Is Europe ready for SCT Inst?

How ready are organisations for SCT Inst?
Webinar: Wednesday 3rd May 2017
12pm BST/ 1pm CET

SEPA instant payments (SCT Inst) is the first instant payments scheme to be inter-operable in a region as large as SEPA and is a response to regulatory pressure and European customer needs for faster payments.

But how prepared are organisations for SCT Inst and what are their reasons for participating, delaying – or even ignoring this initiative?

In this special InstaPay webinar, attendees will hear from three very different perspectives – the view of a leading CSM, EBA Clearing, the view from a bank participating in SCT Inst, Caixabank, and from ourselves, Icon Solutions, a practitioner committed to helping organisations adopt the scheme.

Results will also be shared from a recent InstaPay SCT Inst survey and we, alongside our colleagues on the webinar, will discuss how they echo or differ from our views.


– David Renault (Head of STEP2 Services, Instant Payments PM, EBA Clearing)
– Xavier Herrero (Resp. Payments’ Groups, Caixabank)
– Tom Hay (Head of Payments, Icon Solutions)

Join this webinar to hear the debate and discussion around: 

  • Why are leading banks planning to join SCT Inst?
  • Who will be the winners and losers of the SCT Inst service?
  • How quick will the rate of adoption be across Europe?
  • What are the routes to connecting to SCT Inst?
  • What can we learn from the experience of others?
  • What impact may the ECB TIPS announcements have?

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