Simon Wilson

Simon Wilson - Global Sales Director, IPF

Why did you choose to join Icon?

Great people, an empowering and open culture and an innovative product that meet a real need for banks. The opportunity to help banks meet the ever growing challenges in the market by combining these assets was irresistible.

What are the key achievements in your career?

I’ve always taken great pride in working with customers to help solve their problems and create new and better ways of working. That’s what I’ve delivered for government, insurers and banks over my career. Leading a team and an organisation to see things from the customer perspective and then respond is consistently what I’ve enjoyed and been respected for delivering. The environment for banks today is very challenging and whilst technology is always an ever changing and essential component getting the right people working together to enable success for all remains my primary focus.

What drives you in your work?

I love engaging with clients and seeing a sale through, from understanding what is really going to make a difference to a tough contract negotiation and then delivering the end benefits. Doing that takes a team and bringing people together with enthusiasm and focus to deliver more than we could as individuals gives me a fantastic buzz.

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