IT Strategy & Roadmap

Accelerating change and future proofing architecture 

The business needs IT to support its goals. Are you ready?

Every bank wants a more strategic plan for their technology and have visions of that technology pushing their business strategy forward. However, 47% of business leaders feel that their business goals are unsupported by IT (Source Info-Tech 2018).

This why an IT strategy and roadmap are so important. They can steer decisions about technology to align towards the overall business strategy, encourage collaboration and re-use and lay the foundations needed to be able to respond quickly to future needs. Importantly, they can also help navigate through the mass of legacy systems, identifying the opportunities to reduce cost and risk.

Putting you on the right track

Our IT Strategy and Roadmap capability accelerates change, reduces cost and risk, and provides a scalable, future proofed architecture that delivers genuine benefit to the business. We work closely with you to understand your specific challenges and identify the best route to achieving your vision.

Leveraging our expertise, methodology and assets

Our expertise has been gained working with a number of global financial services clients on successful IT strategies and associated roadmaps. Many of these projects have involved large digital transformation initiatives, which have involved everything from launching cloud-based environments, to building mobile technology platforms, to creating a big data/analytics infrastructure to enrich customer experiences.

Our experience has also enabled us to build a knowledge base of generalised assets and artefacts (such as Patterns and Reference Architectures) which have been proven and refined in our many engagements, and act as a rapid accelerator. This means that you can reduce the total cost by leveraging our proven methodology and reduce effort and risks through our tools and templates.

Delivering clear benefits

  • Informed strategic IT investment decisions – we provide a clear picture of how each proposed investment supports enterprise objectives by addressing identified gaps between the current state and target architecture.
  • Improved response to business needs – We help ensure business-IT alignment on the strategic scale, focusing on the things that matter to the business
  • Elimination and avoidance of redundancy – our IT strategy approach looks at IT holistically and uncovers and makes plans to eliminate and avoid unnecessary redundancy through centralised, shared IT capabilities, consolidated applications, and infrastructure.

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