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The speed of change and the increasing openness of data and services have impacted financial institutions globally. Those with dated, complex and slow infrastructures are particularly impacted by siloed, frequently duplicated systems and processes. Investment decisions can become conflicted between maintaining business critical systems while recognising the need for new and streamlined capabilities. To help overcome this, Icon enable banks to take a staged approach to defending operational systems from failure.

We deliver longer term transitional plans for strategic development, maximised ROI from existing IT investments such as IBM, and the introduction of key new services such as APIs and open source. It's a holistic approach that can be used collectively, or as individual components.

Enterprise Regulation Case study

Discover how Icon simplified a major bank's business processes, met pressing audit requirements and created significant efficiencies including a 90% reduction in test cycles

Enterprise Regulation 
Case study

Discover how Icon simplified a major bank's business processes, met pressing audit requirements and created significant efficiencies including a 90% reduction in test cycles

Upgrade critical systems

Need to get change through business critical systems with more speed and less risk?
Institutions rely on infrastructure to operate successfully. Without robust and reliable enterprise integration, critical systems are vulnerable to regular failure, which can destabilise an entire enterprise.

Icon improve architectural governance and DevOps processes to maximise delivery efficiencies and ensure successful implementations.

Enhance API strategies

Missing an API strategy or just have too many?
APIs populate the shop window of every channel-enabled enterprise, showcasing integration capabilities for customers. However, it can be difficult to know if you are optimising your capabilities and opportunities or building a cottage industry in API management.

Icon have analysed current API provisions to create sets of consumer focused, business-centric APIs. By defining a realistic transitional roadmap and developing engagement models we have strived to reach zero-cost consumer management.

Optimise IBM investment

Keen to optimise returns from your investment in IBM?
IBM integration technology can be very complex to apply. Features and capacity are often unused or under utilised.

Icon help organisations maximise returns on the investment that they have already made. We advise with production monitoring and alerting, performance analysis, capacity management, DevOps, and infrastructure changes such as containerisation and cloud adoption.

Leverage Open Source

Recognise the value of open source but don't know where to start?Improvements and innovations in IT infrastructure are constantly occurring, but if you're not ready to take advantage of these, you could be missing out on opportunities to reduce your IT development, maintenance and costs.

By analysing existing capabilities, decoupling functions from technology, and defining target architecture, technologies, governance and DevOps processes, Icon help you reduce your operating costs and the risk of vendor lock-in, all while future-proofing your IT.

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