Icon commits to offsetting its carbon emissions

16 November 2018


For the last two years we have been working with Natural Capital Partners to offset our carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutral certification. Being a CarbonNeutral® Company means that we have taken the steps to offset our carbon footprint by supporting different projects. Last year Icon offset against 1000 tonnes to show our support to our chosen projects. In a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, we are delighted to be signing up for another year.

To date, Icon has purchased 2,000 of carbon emission reductions which is the equivalent of:

• Powering 1,062 UK homes for 1 year
• 6,376,324 car miles driven
• Travelling 7,843,140 economy class flight miles

This year, we are excited to be supporting a new project, Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve. Based in Borneo, this project focuses on both community development and biodiversity conservation, in particular the endangered Borneo Orangutan. Click here to read more about our chosen projects.

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