What do real-time payments really mean for corporates?


Faster Payments have changed the world for the better and many corporates are already reaping the benefits. Corporates being able to pay their employees daily enables better budget management for those living pay check to pay check. This can even mean getting 30 minutes of your life back every week because you don’t have to plan and track your spending. Faster Payments have already made an impact – with more to come!

In this webinar we will hear from industry experts on the road they took to real-time payments and the wins that have come with adopting new technologies. We will explore the drivers compelling them to adjust their business models, their adoption of new payment options, and how RTP is enabling them to accelerate their growth in this open, data-driven and real-time world.

This webinar will be moderated by Icon Solutions’ Executive Advisor, Gene Neyer, and will discuss how corporates are adapting to these industry changes, exploring:

  • The challenges and opportunities corporates are faced with
  • Their vision and how they adapt the business case
  • Interplay between old and new payment methods
  • The future as they make moves to adapt in this new space

Speakers include:

Questions asked during the webinar have been answered by our speakers and can be found here.