Instant Payments and the Post-PSD2 Landscape

23 January 2019

This ground-breaking study, delivered by Ovum, quantifies the detrimental effect Instant Payments and PSD2 will have on traditional credit and debit card payments in Europe and provides the only quantitative insights into exactly how and when this decline will take place. It also shows how Instant Payments under PSD2 will change the way consumers pay for goods and services, revolutionising e-commerce, and delves into potential ways banks can mitigate these threats.

Icon Solutions initiated this research in response to feedback from our European banking clients who expressed a need to more fully understand the likely implications of PSD2 and Instant Payments on consumer behaviours, and the resulting change to their business model and revenue streams. We believe that this whitepaper delivers the insights the banking community needs for future planning and decision-making.

“The best research paper on the impact of instant payments that I have read. The quality of insights, narrative and coverage regarding the implications of instant payments and PSD2 on card usage in Europe – makes this an essential read for all banking executives.”

Recie Breen, Head of Payment Services, Bank of Ireland

Key findings:

  • PSD2 and Instant Payments to drive a 37% decline in online card volumes by 2027
  • Boosted by increased consumer convenience, Instant Payments will overtake cards by 2025
  • Retail Instant Payments in Europe will hit €725bn in transactions by the end of 2027
  • Single card payments set to decline from 40% to 11% market share by 2027
  • Instant Payments will become one of the main online payment tools in Europe, accounting for roughly €338bn of direct online expenditure

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