Our values

What we stand for

Our values

Principles to live by

  • Fight complexity
    In everything we do we strive to find the simple answer – whether it be in architecture or coding, or even in our internal processes. Over-complexity is not welcome at Icon.
  • Outdo yourself
    We target a legacy of excellence – we are all about doing the very best we can. And with a team full of great people, their best is really very good indeed.
  • Take ownership
    Both individually, as a team, and as a company, we don’t let things drop. If something needs doing, we’ll take it on, and see it through to completion. In short: we own the outcome.
  • Celebrate honesty
    We represent you, our client, and we tell you what you need to hear. We focus on the project and the customer, not on our own interests.
  • Enjoy IT
    We are enthusiastic about what we do. Icon people turn up to work with a spring in their step as they are genuinely excited to get stuck in.

Meet the people at Icon


We believe in payment greenhouses, hotbeds of innovation that bring the old world into the new. Where you grow your own payment products, rather than wait for their roadmap to deliver.

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