Icon Announces Instant Payment Summit Sponsorship

5 April 2018


Icon Solutions, the specialist provider of European payment and technology solutions has confirmed its sponsorship of this year’s Instant Payment Summit in Amsterdam.

Gene Neyer, Icon’s global payments expert will be presenting: ‘You Say You Want a Revolution’ where he will be exploring the opportunities that Instant Payments present and why going with a legacy vendor may be the obvious choice but isn’t necessarily the right choice. Gene will be discussing why exploring the best of breed real-time payments vendors may be a better option in the longer term.

Gene is scheduled to speak on 18th April at 12:35.

Gene has extensive experience of advising financial and technology companies on various aspects of Payment Modernisation, and has over 30 years of experience in leadership roles in the payments industry, so this is sure to be an interesting and lively event.

Icon’s payments experts will also be on hand to discuss the changing global payments landscape and how banks need to be proactively responding to the challenges of Instant Payments and Open APIs.

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