Payments Processing as a Business

The time is right to introduce new business models for payment processing. Ready to get started?

Increased competition, fragmentation of services and products, ever-more stringent regulations, new technology and geopolitical pressures have made the payments ecosystem complex, costly and difficult to navigate for all players involved.

At the same time, research indicates that banks are more willing than ever to find partners to offer non-differentiating services, like payment processing.

The growing imperative for financial institutions to find better ways to manage their payment processing needs and the willingness of banks to enter into partnerships means that there’s never been a better time to shift payments processing from a commodity to a business.

Banks have the strategic option of moving cost into revenue by adopting Payments Processing as a Business (PPaaB). Icon has the tools and the pedigree to define and execute a PPaaB strategy and support a successful transition.

How can Icon work with you?

At Icon, we have the expertise, solutions and unique ability to support your bank throughout the end-to-end process of defining and executing a PPaaB strategy.  

Our specialist consultancy tailor-made to your requirements helps address the core building blocks needed for a successful transition, while our ground-breaking IPF solution leverages cutting-edge technology to accelerate payments transformation by enabling you to build your own payments solutions.

PPaaB providers need a transformation strategy built on where they want to be of value for banks in the payments processing value chain. Key strategic consequences like volume, speed, resilience and independence with a seamless and scalable user experience will need to be incorporated and addressed. Our approach is fundamentally different to traditional vendors and our solutions and expertise can help you create a strategy for success.  


IPF Technology 

  • Innovate and transition at your own pace
  • Choose and deploy resources at choice
  • Grow your own payment solutions
  • Decoupled framework for system resilience
  • Rich re-use of payments data
  • Technology / connectivity focus

Banks have the strategic option to move cost into revenue

IPF - the 'grow your own' payments solution for global banks

Powered by innovative technology and a set of advanced practices, IPF can enable your payment solutions to prosper sustainably and self-sufficiently. Discover how IPF can help your institution ‘grow your own’ payments solution and take back control.


The payments processing opportunity for banks

Icon commissioned Celent to carry out research exploring the payment processing opportunities for banks. The findings indicate that now is the time for financial institutions to shift their thinking.

Curious how transitioning to a PPaaB model can fuel growth?

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New York, NY: Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS), within Citi’s Services organization, has made an investment in Icon Solutions, a leading fintech provider of payments technology and consultancy services. In addition to the investment, Citi plans to expand its use of the Icon Payments Framework (IPF) to enhance its micro-services orchestration architecture. This investment and relationship with Icon Solutions demonstrates Citi’s strategy of working with fintechs to strengthen its technology and payments capabilities.

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