Webinar highlights: “Instant payments is the cost of remaining in business”

4 July 2018


Gene Neyer, Icon Solutions’ Executive Advisor, Payments, spoke at an exclusive InstaPay webinar on Tuesday 3rd July.

“The road to instant payments in Germany: Connectivity, Culture and Global Considerations” featured speakers from: Deutsche Bank, a bank at the forefront of instant payments adoption, the ECB and EBA Clearing on the attributes, reach and interoperability of TIPS and RT1, and from ourselves, Icon Solutions, on the impact (if any) connectivity system choice will have on the technology approach for instant payments.

Key insights highlighted in the webinar included:

  • TIPS will support participants to comply with the SCT inst scheme and will offer multi-currency technical capability
  • RT1 passed 1.5-million-transactions and €1-billion in value by May 2018
  • Offering instant payments is essential to meet the demands of consumers and early adoption is better than late
  • To ensure maximum reach for the benefit of customers, joining both pan-European Clearing Mechanisms is beneficial
  • Given the uncertainty of the future, instant payments solutions need to provide a sound foundation for future needs

Watch the webinar here.

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