MongoDB Webinar


Toine van Beusekom, Strategy Director at Icon Solutions will be taking part in a webinar hosted by MongoDB titled, ‘Open Banking: Future-proof your bank in a world of changing data and API standards’.

The webinar will cover:

  • Emerging trends shaping Open Banking standards and how there is no one set standard
  • How MACH architectures underpin a successful Open Banking strategy
  • How to future-proof projects with flexible data model as data and API standards constantly change
  • Why headless applications, underpinned by open APIs, are key to maximizing the commercial implications of Open Banking

Speakers include:

  • Boris Bialek, Global Head of Industry Solutions at MongoDB
  • Kieran Hines, Senior Banking Analyst at Celent
  • Toine Van Beusekom, Strategy Director at Icon Solutions
  • Charith Mendis, Principal Lead for Banking Business Development at AWS


Register for the webinar here.