Tom Kelleher

Tom Kelleher - Director

What have been your key achievements at Icon?

Partnering with some of the biggest banks in the world is an easy answer to give but it means nothing without the people at Icon. Creating an environment that generates energy, professionalism and the commitment of our people is the achievement we’re most proud of.

What is your favourite part about working at Icon?

An email was sent internally at a large international bank from an MD reading, ‘Get a team from Icon in to help deliver that project. At least then we’ll know it will get done'. Positive feedback from our clients reinforces my belief we are doing something right but we must continue to improve and evolve our thinking.

What’s next for Icon?

The next step for Icon is to take our products and services out to a wider audience which presents a direct challenge to the legacy vendors providing rigid expensive software.

What are your interests outside the office?

I am Head Coach for the Juniors at my rugby club, The Wimbledonian Warriors and at the weekend I'm also a keen MAMIL (Middle Aged Man in Lycra). I enjoy taking on physical challenges to raise money for worthy charities. So far I have raised over £100K, individually and through the Icon Foundation.

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