Tamsin Crossland

Tamsin Crossland - Senior Architect

What are the key achievements in your professional career?

Over my career, it has been exciting to deliver solutions as technology has had an increasing impact on society, from the days when corporate clients were asking if the internet was going to catch on, to the current day where Machine Learning and Data Science can really change things. Applying new technology to improve people’s lives has always given me a buzz.

What drives you in your work?

Seeing that you can make a difference, that you can apply your experience to deliver change for the better. Learning about new technology and then sharing the knowledge with other people, whether teaching in a classroom or speaking at a conference, is incredibly rewarding. It is amazing to help people to grow and achieve their full potential.

What are your interests outside the office?

Spending time with family and friends, with good food and wine are moments that I treasure. Also, I love travelling, exploring and seeing new places. Live music is something that I have always enjoyed. When I get time, running, photography and playing the piano are my other interests.