David Strawson

David Strawson - Delivery Director

Why did you choose to join Icon?

I really liked their culture and attitude. I'd been entrenched in large corporates for decades so Icon were like a breath of fresh air to me. What really appealed was the sense that I could just be myself here.

What have been your key achievements at Icon?

Whilst immersing myself in my clients' businesses, I've built solid, long-lasting relationships which have served us all well in growing the business and delivering results.

What are the key achievements in your professional career?

I developed the Telephone Banking Payments Service and delivered the software behind the internet banking system for Lloyds Bank. I also ran the Y2K command centre at Lloyds and TSB to ensure that all their accounting systems were compliant and error-free for the new Millennium. I introduced ITIL incident and problem management to T-Mobile in addition to a leading-edge card payments solution. Together with the delivery of PCI-DSS compliance, T-Mobile became the first Tier 1 merchant in the UK to achieve this and went from one of the worst performing merchants in relation to fraud to one of the best within 9 months. I also worked as part of the joint venture team on the merger between Orange and T-Mobile to form EE. Finally for HSBC, I mobilised the most important programme in the bank globally - their Customer Due Diligence programme.

What is an interesting non-work related fact about you?

I had a brief speaking part in an advert for PUMA featuring Usain Bolt.

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