The journey towards faster payments in the US


The Federal Reserve have recently requested public comment on a number of proposals. What does the Fed request for comment mean to the Financial Community and ultimately, to the end-user? This is an opportunity to hear from the Fed on what is included in the request and get an insight into the reaction of the incumbent operator, as well as hearing from both a large and a mid-sized bank on their views. As your institution is thinking through the strategic implications, take a listen to the experts and then form your own opinions.

Speakers include:

  • Steve Ledford, SVP Product & Strategy, The Clearing House
  • Carl Slabicki, CTP, APP Director, Product Line Manager, BNY Mellon
  • Jim Reuter, CEO, FirstBank
  • Connie Theien, Senior Vice President, Payments Industry Relations, Fed

The webinar is Moderated by Gene Neyer, Executive Advisor, Payments, at Icon Solutions. Gene’s extensive payments experience includes membership of the successor to the Fed Fast Payments Taskforce, GFFT, and President of the Supplier Committee at BAFT.

Categories: Real Time Payments