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The pace of IT transformation is accelerating. Thankfully the days of massive IT programmes working for years before delivering real value are over. However, today’s favoured approach of delivering "Minimum Viable Product" (MVP) raises fundamental new challenges. With an emphasis on short term challenges, this can lead to a lack of integrated deliveries, multiple part solutions and the sacrifice of longer-term cost of ownership savings. 

Icon work to bring together two key drivers – the client’s business objectives and their strategic vision. We use tools and capabilities to set priorities, identify opportunities, break silos, drive accelerated change, maintain vision and leverage existing investments within the organisation.

Our results have been impressive with a faster time to market, dramatically increased agility coupled with reduced risk, and truly deep digital transformation, unlocking capabilities for re-use across processes and channels.

IT Transformation Case study

Discover how Icon successfully mitigated global financial crime

for one of the world’s largest banks 

IT Transformation
Case study

Discover how Icon successfully mitigated global financial crime

for one of the world’s largest banks

Upgrade and boost your ROI

Is your legacy infrastructures preventing change and absorbing budget?
To respond to the demands of the digital economy, financial institutions need to adapt - at pace. This means really understanding the tapestry of existing systems and the knock on effects of changing them.

Icon have mitigated risks and reduced costs throughout the IT landscape, creating a leaner IT environment. We identify opportunities for consolidation, the implementation of more elastic capabilities and the possibilities for migrating to open source.

Stabilise and accelerate critical systems

Are you struggling to get change processes live, fast?
The continual transformation and modernisation of critical systems is a fundamental commercial need, but change is both costly and disruptive.

We enable clients to transform legacy, semi-annual delivery processes on core services into rapid, highly automated build, test, and installation capabilities. We reduce costs, risks and delivery times while enabling rapid responses to commercial needs.

Get 5-Star resilience

Caught in a constant cycle of system review and repair?
The convergence of APIs, Open Banking, regulations and 24x7 system availability demands a higher level of IT resilience than ever before.

Icon's approach drives system resilience and fault tolerance behaviour at every level of the stack, eliminating failure points - both in the solutions we deliver and during the transformation of existing ones.

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