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Regulatory change affects all financial institutions, but some organisations understand how these controls can create a level playing field to create new products, business models and powerful new delivery channels.
However, this new landscape requires information and system functionality to be more open - while simultaneously making them more private, secure and reliable.

Icon’s direct experience of implementing and leveraging regulatory change has helped some of the largest financial institutions in the world. We provide architectural and delivery expertise to review capabilities, resolve existing challenges and build flexible, extensible new solutions.

IT Regulation 
Case study

Read how Icon delivered APIs for a leading UK bank in record time

IT Regulation Case study

Read how Icon delivered APIs for a leading UK bank in record time

Protect customers and business

Financial institutions are required to protect both their customers and their business from threats. Profitable, trust-based relationships are created through the adoption of stringent and reliable controls that elevate an organisation’s market reputation.

We work with our clients to design, implement and propagate such controls, processes and techniques to meet regulations and know customers (KYC). By integrating best of breed core rules and processing engines with market-leading information providers, we deliver global standard yet locally applicable solutions.

Open up systems and stay in front

Open up systems 
and stay in front

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and Payment Services Directive (PSD2) remedies in the UK and EU have spearheaded a global wave of regulatory reform requiring banks to open systems and collaborate with third parties.

Icon support clients in their quest to explore how internal and external facing APIs can create new commercial opportunities and drive cost reductions. We leverage clients’ core capabilities, API based architecture and process changes to both enable and monetise open banking.

Improve critical system resilience

Regulatory attention in recent years has focused on a landscape of ageing but critical banking infrastructure. Resilience planning, has never been more essential.

Icon work closely with major financial institutions to understand their critical process and system dependencies. Understanding this enables us to redesign core elements and strengthen business capabilities to cope with any outages. 

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