Case study

Delivering a payments roadmap to meet the needs of a changing market

The challenge

BNP Paribas, a tier 1 global bank, required technology and advisory services to drive the roll-out of instant payments in Europe and to support their digital transformation needs of the future.

To aid them with their transformational programme, the bank needed a partner who could provide them with:

  • An assessment of the new real-time payments architecture based on the first real-life use cases, geared toward future requirements
  • Practical scenarios to migrate existing payment types (such as SEPA CT, SEPA DD, High Value Payments) from the current legacy systems to the new platform, with clear benefits and rationale
  • Overall Target Connectivity Architecture for the payments execution engines to 3rd parties and externals, including evaluation of, for example, evolving business needs and API based services.
  • An assessment of the current Datahub roadmap in relation to the Target Architecture
  • A refined business and IT strategy which identified the key business drivers needed to maximise the value of Cash Management and their impact on payments architecture

Icon's solution 

Icon deployed a team of experts to support the initiative and work in close collaboration with BNP Paribas to produce the following agreed deliverables:

  • A market study, describing the current payments landscape and the key trends impacting the future of payments, presenting conclusions and recommendations relevant to the Client’s target architecture.
  • An architecture document, describing updated Target Payment Capabilities and Architecture Landscape, aligned with the market developments and business vision and the resulting required projects to get to target.

The impact of our work with the client has set the target architecture and roadmap for the next three years with the customer whilst simultaneously building a platform that is cost-effective and leveraging cutting-edge technology.

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