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Icon Solutions is proud to partner with a number of specialists within the payments industry in order to meet the growing demand for instant payments around the globe. Icon combines our proven payments solution (IPF) and decades of global payments implementation expertise with handpicked partners, creating an international network which enables us to offer our clients a world class path to instant payments.

The Clearing House

In response to US demand, IPF offers an accelerated route to accessing The Clearing House’s real-time payments system. This partnership enables our US customers to expedite their adoption of real-time payments, adapt quickly to changes in the payments landscape and keep ahead of their competitors.


Icon Solutions has partnered with T-Systems Hungary to provide Hungarian banks with easier, quicker and more manageable access to immediate payments via Icon’s Instant Payments Framework (IPF). Current clients of T-Systems will benefit from Icon’s ongoing investment into IPF product development which will enable banks to continually realise financial savings and improve performance.

Digital Control Room

Icon Solutions has partnered with Digital Control Room (DCR), an independent RegTech software company specialising in providing governance risk, and compliance software solutions. Icon and DCR have partnered to codify their extensive combined knowledge of the banking domain – embracing data governance and large scale institutional regulatory transformation – into The GDPR Integrator based on DCR’s GDPR Platform. 


Featurespace is the world’s leading provider of Adaptive Behavioural Analytics technology for fraud and risk management. ARIC™, Featurespace’s advanced machine learning platform, detects anomalies in individual behaviour to spot new fraudulent activity in real time. The combination of IPF and Featurespace’s advanced automation systems enables our customers to seamlessly integrate with instant payment schemes globally, and to spot and block fraud attacks on the scale needed when processing payments in real-time.