Upcoming webinar on leveraging ISO 20022

20 February 2020

Icon Solutions is delighted to be speaking alongside Wells Fargo and Santander in an upcoming webinar, ‘Leveraging ISO 20022 in the US – What, why and how?’.

The ISO 20022 financial messaging standard is now seeing widespread adoption for domestic and international payments solutions worldwide. It is now used in the US for The Clearing House RTP system, and Fedwire will also move to ISO 20022 over the coming years. ISO 20022 is designed to enable organisations to communicate information across a wide spectrum of financial services applications. The structured, rich message format makes it easier to automate processing of financial messages, which can deliver business benefits such as simpler reconciliation and improved STP rates. ISO 20022 also offers the potential for greater interoperability between payment systems, both domestic and global. But is ISO 20022 delivering on these promises?

During this webinar we will:

  • Take stock of ISO 20022 in use today
  • Paint a picture of the future of payments
  • Identify key developments leveraging ISO 20022 that are already underway
  • Examine what is needed from market participants to maximise benefits.


  • Gene Neyer, Executive Advisor, Icon Solutions
  • Stacy Rosenthal, Head of Payments, Santander
  • Cheryl Beth Jacobs, Global Product Manager, Wells Fargo
  • Moderator: Lauren Jones, International Payments Ambassador, Icon Solutions

Register to join the webinar here.


Webinar: Leveraging ISO 20022 in the US – What, why and how?

Date: 4th March 2020

Time: 11am ET

Register for the webinar here.


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