The Payments Transformation Race – In The News

23 September 2019

A week has passed since the release of our commissioned research report ‘The Payments Transformation Race: Criteria for Success’ written by Aite Group, and it has sparked interesting debate within the industry.

The research has opened up a lively discussion on why many banks are struggling with payments profitability, how they can remain competitive, and how they can drive revenue. Mobile Payments Today discussed the research in a recent article saying, ‘The report shows that 65% of banks are having difficulty making a profit on payments and shows the cost of new infrastructure is forcing banks to make internal process changes in order to turn a profit on payments’.

With the research showing a link between payments transformation priority and profitability, much has been debated on how banks can ensure they are on the right track, and how they can use payments data to deliver more revenue boosting value-added services. This was reinforced in Mobile Payments Today who quoted Icon Solutions’ Head of Payments, Toine van Beusekom, ‘Banks will need to deliver value added services to recoup payments revenue’.

If you would like to download the research report, please click here.

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