Icon to speak at instant payments webinar

7 February 2017


London, 7 February 2017, Tom Hay, Icon’s Head of Payments will speak at the forthcoming webinar: Avoid the common pitfalls of instant payments installations in association with InstaPay.Today and Lipis Advisors on 9th March.

The webinar is for banks that are looking to transition to instant payments or have already embarked on this journey. It will shed light on the real-world experiences of organisations, based on the recent Lipis Advisors’  Implementing Instant Payments: Insights from Early Adopters research which looked at those companies that had already transitioned

 “The transition to instant payments has major operational requirements as well as technical ones as banks need to overhaul their current IT infrastructure to integrate with domestic instant payments schemes and operate in an online environment. This makes the challenge particularly acute for smaller banks“, says Tom Hay, Icon’s Head of Payments.  “This webinar provides a great foundation for banks to learn that instant payments is a feasible proposition for any size of organisation and does not require substantial budgets or the ‘rip and replace’ of existing legacy systems.

There is a real drive for adopting instant payments across the globe at the moment, with 19 countries currently in planning mode according to the InstaPay Tracker. Instant Payments are expected soon to be the ‘new normal’ for bank payments”, says Mark McMurtrie, Editor of InstaPay. “The Instapay market intelligence hub has been built for payments professionals wanting to learn about the global migration to instant bank payments. Attending this webinar will deliver deep insights into the topic, help ensure lessons are learned from previous implementations.”

Key takeaways will include:

  • How you can overcome the challenges involved and leverage the business opportunities created by instant payments
  • A review of the different technological solutions available and the preferred options
  • How to avoid the trap of escalating costs
  • How to build a flexible solution which futureproofs for the consumer demands of tomorrow

The webinar is being moderated by Mark McMurtrie – Editor, InstaPay.Today with guest speakers Leo Lipis, CEO of Lipis Advisors and Tom HayIcon’s Head of Payments. They have seen and heard just about everything when it comes to Payments and instant payments implementations and will be happy to share their insights with you.

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About Icon Solutions

Icon is an independent instant payments consultancy and technology provider,instrumental in helping financial institutions efficiently deploy Faster Payments services, Icon’s world class advisory team has a proven track record and unparalleled payments knowledge.

Our clients include leading international institutions such as HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, Citigroup and Banco Sabadell.