Principles to live by

Complexity Simplified

It’s not a meaningless mission statement – it’s an ethos that underpins everything we do.

Our company was formed on the principle of simplifying complexity, and it remains a key mantra to this day. We had seen so many large projects bogged down with ineffective processes, with too many managers adding too little value, and with teams of developers working hard delivering poor quality code. These projects had their superstars trying to deliver real value and innovation, but it was a long hard slog.

We worked out which elements to learn from, which to keep and which to get rid of, and we ended up with a company ethos which drives the way we behave internally and externally. This ethos has helped us forge long, successful relationships with our customers, optimised every project that we work on, and has ensured that we create a working environment in which our talented team can thrive and succeed.